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iPhone Lightning Cables That Dont Suck

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Like many of you, I have been searching for an iPhone Lighting cable with a little more character than the standard Apple Lighting cables. You can get personalized cases and every other accessory for your iPhone 5/5S, so why not get a cable that has a little more color to it, rather than the plain […]


iOS 7 on iPhone 4S 24hr Review

I have been using iOS 7 for 24 hours now on my iPhone 4S and so far I’m falling in love with it. If you’re not a developer, there is still a way to get your hands on it. Just follow the instructions on this YouTube video below. Make sure you backup your phone to […]


WordPress WooCommerce Grainy / Blurry Images

Need a quick and easy fix for your Related Products having grainy or blurry images? This is caused by WooCommerce using a thumbnail image instead of the original image size. I have seen many post on this issue  while using the WooCommerce plugin with a different WordPress theme. Many of the fixes either did not […]


Excel Analysis Toolpak for Mac

If your a student such as myself and use a Mac, you have probably run into a few complications in certain course work. To save you sometime researching your different options, I have found a few different ways you can access the Excel Analysis Toolpak on your Mac. Since I am a student at East […]


Exporting Facebook Emails workaround

This is a quick tutorial of how to get your contact emails out of Facebook and into other email clients or linkedin. This is just a tutorial explaining how it can be done and does not express or imply any warranty or guarantee. Try it at your own risk. With that being said, while searching […]

changing a WordPress page template in phpMyAdmin

[vc_row row_type=’box’ text_align=’left’ background_color=” border_color=”][vc_column width=’1/1′] Update 7/10/12: A slightly easier method than the  one shown below would be to edit each of the template php files, putting the php at the top in one line instead of spaced out. This should fix the issue with most themes. Ex. “<?php /* Template Name: Full Width */ […]


Are QR codes just a short-lived fad?

[dropcaps type=’square’]I[/dropcaps]In a recent article by Jon Barocas, founder of bieMEDIA, he discusses the disconnect with QR codes and alternatives to this technology. Although QR codes can be helpful in certain situations, many times they are over used or misused.   [button link=”” text=”Read more..” target=”_blank”]   Like most technology fans, I am always ready […]


PROTECT IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet

[button link=”” text=’’ target=”_blank”] The video above discusses the Senate version of the PROTECT IP Act, but the House bill that was introduced TODAY is much much worse. It’ll give the government new powers to block Americans’ access websites that corporations don’t like. The bill would criminalize posting all sorts of standard web content — music playing […]


iPhone 5 – just a rumor

[dropcaps]A[/dropcaps] As many of you may have heard today during Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” keynotes, they will not be releasing an iPhone 5. They will however be releasing an iPhone 4S. Although it has many improvements, the appearance is very similar to that of the iPhone 4. Click below to view the video! [button link=”” […]