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Robert Daigle | iPhone Lightning Cables That Dont Suck
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iPhone Lightning Cables That Dont Suck

Like many of you, I have been searching for an iPhone Lighting cable with a little more character than the standard Apple Lighting cables. You can get personalized cases and every other accessory for your iPhone 5/5S, so why not get a cable that has a little more color to it, rather than the plain jane Apple cables.  My search for a new Lighting Cable first landed me on a braided cable I found on Amazon. Although the cables looked cool and came in various colors, they did not last long. After a few weeks of use, they completely stopped charging my iPhone. So the search continued until I came across TYLT accessories. The folks at TYLT were kind enough to send me a TYLT Band and a TYLT Y-Charge + Syncable cables to review, so here it goes…

The Good

The TYLT Band and the TYLT Y-Charge + Syncable both come in attractive packaging  (yes I’m a sucker for good packaging) with multiple color options to choose from. Colors options include a conservative black color as well as bold blue, red and green color options. They also provide various connector options including Apple 30-pin connector for The TYLT Band and Micro USB for both the TYLT Band and the TYLT Y-Charge + Syncable. So if you don’t have an iPhone 5/5S, they still have you covered. The cables have held up rather well with no issues. The durable flat cable design allows you to use it with vehicles that have charging ports inside the console without fear of damaging the cable.The TYLT Band and the TYLT Y-Charge + Syncable both work well with most cases and bumpers including the Otterbox Defender.

The Bad

Now for the bad news… You are limited to 2 foot length on the cable which can be inconvenient  for some people. If you just want to set your iPhone in the cup holder, you have nothing to worry about, but if for some reason you or your passenger want to talk on the iPhone while it is charging, 2 feet of cable will probably not be long enough. I would like to see a few more options with the length of the cables. The second thing I found is that the cables are not compatible with the Lifeproof cases on the iPhone 5 or 5S. Although the cables worked with every other case I tested it with, the Lifeproof does not allow enough room for the larger plug on the TYLT Band and the TYLT Syncable cables. Lifeproof cases are known for their incompatibility with most accessories and that holds true for the TYLT cables.

All in all, I am very pleased with these cables. Check the TYLT Band and the  TYLT Y-Charge + Syncable as well as all the other accessories TYLT has to offer at .

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