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Robert Daigle | Why The Morgan Freeman Finger Painting is Probably Fake
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Why The Morgan Freeman Finger Painting is Probably Fake

Heres why the Morgan Freeman Finger Painting is probably fake, I’m wrong and my friends are douchebags.

Like many of you, I was in awe of the genius and talented painting of Morgan Freeman by Kyle Lambert I felt that I had to share it with the Facebook world. This sparked an intense debate on the legitimately of the painting (read it here – Facebook ). So I decided to overlay the painting on the original image and what I found is that every line, hair and feature seems to be in the precise place as the original. This doesn’t absolutely mean its fake, but it does make me skeptical.

It doesn’t matter that its fake or real, because it is brilliant. With just short of 6 million views on Youtube in less than 2 days, this is great advertisement for Kyle, Procreate and Apple. Marketing Win.



Here is the original with the painting overlay in a 50% opacity. If the proportions were even slightly off, his face would appear blurry.



Painted by Kyle Lambert –
Original Photograph Taken by Scott Gries –

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