iAlertu Mac App

iAlertu Mac App

Rob September 28, 2011 No Comments


Just started using this new app today called iAlertU that I thought other mac users might be interested in. After working on projects in coffee shops and libraries I usually end up stepping away from my computer for a minute to get a snack or use the restroom. I always worry about leaving my laptop sitting there but its aggravating to pack up all your stuff to just step away for a minute or two. Well I found this security app that will lock your computer while your away and if it is tampered with it will set off an alarm as well as send you an email instantly. Although the app has mixed reviews, it has worked great for me with a few test runs. There are similar apps called Lockdown and tAlert that do similar functions. I tried Lockdown and I was unhappy with the performance. I did not try TAlert because it cost $2.99 via the Mac App Store. My favorite feature is the ability for the app to email you a picture from the isight and a screenshot if the alarm is set off. It also tells you location and network that the mac is currently on. I downloaded it from this site for free.




iAlertU will alert you if…

  • The mac is moved
  • unplugged
  • lid closed
  • keyboard / track pad touched

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