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Know before you go

Owners Manual

FAQ for Jet Ski rentals

How much? My standard rate is $300/day with discounts for more than 3+ days.

What is the age limit for renting? You must be at least 18 years old to rent the jet ski.

How many jetskis do you have? Just 1 for now.

What is considered a day? 8am-8pm. For multiple days, pickup is 8am on the first day and return is 8pm on the last day.

Do you deliver? Yes for an additional fee.

Is it on a trailer? Yes a trailer is provided with the ski.

What do I need in order to rent it? a Valid drivers license and a credit card. There is an agreement/contract for the rental that needs to be signed to reserve the date along with a $100 non-refundable deposit.

Do I need a license, permit or training course? Taking a safety course is highly recommended and in North Carolina, it’s required for anyone born after 1987. Please refer to North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission or the U.S. Coast Guard guidelines. As the renter, you’re responsible for the jet ski while you’re renting it, just as if it’s your own.

Do I need insurance? The jet ski is insured by the owner for rental use, but you’re responsible and liable for damages, injury, etc. while it’s in your possession so you may want to consult with your insurance provider.

Can other people operate the jet ski that I rented? That is up to you since you’re responsible for any damages, injuries, etc. while it’s in your possession. You should review the NC Wildlife Resource Commission and USCG laws for more information.

Can I use it in freshwater or saltwater? you can use it in either but this ski is primarily used in fresh water at Falls Lake. If you take it out of state, you need prior written permission.

Can I tow a tube, ski’s or other water sports? you can but I would recommend doing so with caution. Towing can be dangerous with any vessel but with a ski, it can require more skill. There’s also specific laws in NC for towing so be sure that you understand the safe and legal way to do so.

What equipment do you include? The trailer, required safety equipment, tube (optional), tow rope (optional). Also, I have a fishing rig that completely outfits the ski for fishing that can be rented for an additional fee.

How shallow of water can I run the ski in? do not run the motor with less than 3ft of water depth. If you’re beaching the ski, turn off the motor in 2ft of water and walk the ski up. If you run the ski in shallow water or near debris, it can damage the impeller, leaving you stuck on the water and stuck with a repair bill. More info

What do I need to know before renting?

Additional Tips

  • know the rules of the water – markers, no-wake zones, passing, dont follow too close
  • know how to refuel – fuel tank is under the seat
  • know where the safety equipment is located and how to use it – safety kit in the side compartment, fire extinguisher under the seat
  • always wear your life vest
  • dont follow too close to other watercrafts – there’s no brakes on boats!
  • do not operate near stumps or debris and do not run the motor in shallow water (less than 3ft)
Safety Video

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